Thursday, 15 June 2017

African Adventure - Day 3 and 4

We made it through the night....

Last night was our night in the African Huts, everyone slept well (after a little chatter etc) and next day emerged at quite a respectable hour. It was really warm all night, so a perfect night for a sleep out.

Today has been full on with scavenger hunts, water challenges and the camp fire.  We will all miss Sizewell Hall - see you soon!

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

African Adventure Day 2

It has been a very busy day, the children have had to take part in a variety of different tasks to solve a particular problem.  They have also been learning about how they rely on their sight to get around and how they have to use trust and learn new ways of sensing their way around if they can not see.

A few pictures to give you a sense of the day...

Tomorrow's blog might not appear until Thursday morning - don't worry, we will all be fine and you will find out why when you see the pictures!

Monday, 12 June 2017

African Adventure - Day 1

The children are currently weaving intricate wool designs, there is a gentle burble of chatter and safe to say, everyone is here and settled, working with new friends and having a wonderful time.

They have spent the day exploring the day exploring the site, making 3D maps, finding their rooms and visiting the beach.  Just a few pictures to show you for now, more to follow tomorrow.

Remember you may also find pictures on the Helmingham School website.